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The wisdom behind the command to pray

The wisdom behind the command to pray

Behold the wisdom behind the command of prayer, as well as the wisdom behind the prohibition of leaving a great deal, but due to space limitations, we will mention some of it from him. Among the wisdom behind the prayer command is:

1. Pillars of Islam Prayer is the greatest after two sentences Creed (asy-Syahadatain). In a hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alihi wasallam said, “Islam is built on five things; testament that there is no god-of-haq worshiped but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establish regular prayer, pay Zakat; Doing pilgrimage to the House and the fasting of Ramadan. ” (Agreed ‘alaih) From Abu Sa’eed al-Khudry quoted’ anhu that when the Messenger of Allaah alihi wasallam distributing spoils of war, there was a man said to him, “O Messenger of Allah, bertaqwalah you to God.” He replied, “Woe to you, not I, the inhabitants of the earth the most entitled to fear Allah.?” So, Khalid ibn al-Walid zpun said, “Let me just cut off his neck, O Messenger of Allah!” He replied, “No, let’s hope he will perform the prayer.” (Agreed ‘alaih)

2. Prayers are twins All Liabilities And the pillars. Prayer is the worship of the most widely mentioned in the Koran. Sometimes referred to specifically (alone), as his word, that is, “And be steadfast in prayer on both banks of the afternoon (morning and afternoon) and at the beginning portion of the night.” (Hud: 114) is sometimes called a sequence with the patient, such as his word, it means, “O ye who believe, ask for help (to Allah) with patience and prayer.” (Al-Baqarah: 153). Sometimes called a sequence with a charity like his words, “And establish prayer and pay zakat.”, And many other examples. From ‘A’ishah quoted’ Riders that the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alihi wasallam said, “Three things I swear it, (so) God does not make anyone who has a part (share) in Islam, just like people who do not have it. And of shares Islam was threefold: prayer, fasting and alms. ” (Hadith Sahih) God does not mention prayer subhanahu wata’ala which coupled with their other obligations, but He prayed for the prioritization in others. For example, the opening prayer is mentioned in deeds of virtue and its cover as we can see at the beginning of the letter al-Mu’minun and al-Maarij.

3. Prayer is the Master All Worship. A servant is commanded to permeate and Khushuu ‘in prayer, both inward and outward as well as make the heart, oral, and all members of the body dissolved in it. This subhanahu wata’ala as He says, “And stand up for God (in shalatmu) with Khushuu ‘.” (Al-Baqarah: 238) The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alihi wasallam said, “Verily in prayer, there is something to do.” (Agreed ‘alaih) That is, one who is doing the prayers were forbidden to eat, drink, turned around and a lot of moves. This is certainly different from the acts of worship other than prayers which are only required for part of their limbs only. People who fasted for example, are still allowed to speak, a mujahid still be turned around turned and spoke, a man who made the pilgrimage are still allowed to eat and drink but prayer is not the case. Inside there are various types of complete forms of worship; worship heart, mind, body and oral. Oral worship reflected in greeting syahadatain, Takbir, ta’awwudz, basmalah, reading the Koran, prayer beads, tahmid, seek forgiveness and prayers. Worship limbs reflected on the activities of standing, bowing, prostrating, i’tidal (up from bowing), down to bow down, raised his hand and sat down. Worship sense reflected in the activity of thinking, contemplating (tadabbur) and understanding. While the heart of worship reflected in kekhusyu’an, fear, curiosity got the reward, pleasure, submission and crying (because of fear of Allah subhanahu wata’ala).

4. Prayer is the Last Testament Prophet sallallaahu ‘alihi wasallam. In the final seconds in nature mortal ‘and at this moment facing death sakaratul, Messenger of intestate only about prayer and the problem just slaves. This is as in the saheeh hadeeth narrated from ‘Ali quoted’ anhu, he said, “It is the last word Messenger of Allaah alihi wasallam, ‘Establish Prayer, set up the prayer. Fear ye to God against you slaves.”

5. Prayer is the Mirror Practice A Muslim and Balance How Great ad-Deen in the Heart of a believer. Prayer is the balance sheet through which people measure the whole amalannya; whether increases or decreases as well as inspect equipment used by a physician to monitor blood pressure patients. Anas quoted ‘anhu that the Prophet sallallaahu’ alihi wasallam said, “The first thing that will be brought to account (calculated) towards a servant on the Day of Judgement is the prayer later, when he was a good (decent), it will let all amalannya and if it is damaged, it will corrupted the entire amalannya. ” Before the assessment conducted on the benefits of other things such as in scholarship and intelligence, then the first thing that made most benchmarks of excellence among fellow human beings is the condition of prayer. This is the true measure by which a person’s value and position the level of diversity within Islam. Surely everyone who thinks light and disparaging prayer, then surely he also considered mild and underestimated Dien al-Islam, because Islam is the size of a person in the adjusted measure of the prayers. If you want to know the content of your desire to Islam, then check your prayer wishes for Islamic content in your heart is the size of the existing levels of prayer in it. If you want to measure the faith of a servant, then look at how big he was glorifying prayers. Messenger of Allaah alihi wasallam Hasan said in a hadith, “Whoever wants to know what is the obtainment of Allah, then let him see how much (liability) against God got his attention.” Al-Hasan al-Basri said, “O Son of Adam, what are you proud of your religion if you underestimate the prayer has been.”

6. Prayers are Keterbebasan of hypocrisy. In this case, the Messenger of Allaah alihi wasallam said, “Whoever established prayers in congregation as many as 40 days, he (always) get the first Takbir, undoubtedly will be recognized for her two keterbebasan: keterbebasan from the Fire and keterbebasan of hypocrisy.” (Hasan hadeeth)

7. Prayer is a light, Evidence (Hujjah) and brilliance. Prayer is the light that eliminates kebatilan action and mayhem. He emits a light, elegant and brilliance made for the culprit, as can be perceived solely by us, and illuminates the grave culprit. This is as was said Abu ad-Darda ‘quoted’ anhu, “you two rak’ah Shalatlah in the darkness of the night to (shine), dark grave.” Likewise, he will be the twinkling later in the day of Judgement that emanates from the forehead culprit. Messenger of Allaah alihi wasallam said, “Prayer is the nur (light).” (HR.Muslim) In another his saying, “Prayer is the evidence (Hujjah).” Evidence for the belief that the perpetrator.

8. Prayer is a grace Rabbani. Prayers have unlimited privileges of other compulsory worship, because God himself has subhanahu wata’ala mandated by glorifying his position. Then, the Messenger of Allaah alone alihi wasallam also received orders directly from God subhanahu wata’ala without intermediaries, ie, on the night of Isra ‘. Therefore, it is the grace of His Rabbani which was awarded to the Prophet and his lover, Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alihi wasallam so great at night as a form of reward him for his sincere worship to his Lord.

Source: “Ash-shalah, Limadza?” [I /] Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Miqdam, dar Thayyibah, Makkah al-Mukarramah, Cet.II, 1415 H. (Abu Hafshoh)

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