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“The signs of 100 days before death”

This is the first sign of GOD Almighty to his servant and will be realized only by those who wished …… islam However everyone will have this sign only they realize it or not ….. This sign will be accepted after the usual ashar time, the whole body from tip to toe with hair up will experience a vibration or shudder as if, for example such as bovine meat who just slaughtered which if observed carefully, we will find that meat seemed to vibrate ….. . It feels good marks and for those who are aware and ticking hearts that perhaps this is a sign of death, then the vibration will stop and disappear after we are aware of the presence of this sign. For those who were not given their awareness or drifting with pleasure without thinking about death, this sign will just disappear without any benefits … For those who are aware of the presence of these signs, then this is the best opportunity to utilize the existing period to prepare the deeds and affairs which will be taken or left behind after death.

“Signs 40 days before death”

These alerts will also be accepted after that time ashar, a portion of our center will be pulsed on when this is written leaves will fall from our name that is located above the principal Arash GOD Almighty, the angel of death will take these leaves and began to make up our inventory, among them is that he will start to follow us all the time … There will be a death angel shows her face briefly and then and if this happens, those who elected it will feel as though confused at once … The death angel was his form just one but its power to take a life is the same with the number of lives that will be pulled out ………

“Signs 7 days”

The sign will be granted only to those who tested with supernatural disaster where sick people who do not eat, all of a sudden he was in the mood to eat …

“Signs 3 days”

As of when this will be felt throbbing in the middle portion of our forehead is the forehead between the right and left, if this marker can dikesan then after that we fasted so that we can not stomach a lot of impure womb and this will facilitate the affairs of people who will bathe us later …. This is also a black eye when we’re not going to shine again and for the person who hurt her nose will fall slowly and this can dikesan if we had seen from a portion of the side … His ears will shrink when its end will beransur-ansur get into … terlunjur soles which will slowly fall forward and difficult ditegakan …

“Mark one day”

Will apply after ashar where we will feel a throbbing in the back of the crown area where this indicates that we will not have time to meet the next day ahsar time ….

“Signs of the end”

There will be a situation where we will feel the cool dibahagian center and think it will come down kepinggang and onwards will rise to a portion of Adam’s apple … When shall we continue to say this sentence and the creed of silence and await the arrival of the grim reaper to take us back to GOD Almighty that have turned on us and now it will turn out well …


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