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Have you ever seen someone approaching death sakratul?

Have you ever seen someone approaching death sakratul?

Berapakali you see their eyes widened with fear, in pain or who just like going to sleep?

I have a close friend in high school I Binjai named Wati. He covered a very beautiful virgin, sociable, virtuous, happy to help others and has always been a class champion. So like mendengat lightning in the daytime, when I heard he had so long did not go to school was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Even had spread up to stage four!

Our school is in mourning. The activists ROHIS very sad. Wati is the motor of all missionary activity. His ideas were fresh. He always had a breakthrough. He can be approached and liked anyone. Really, we do not have another Wati.

And what a poignant look at him that day. He was lying weakly in bed. His body becomes very thin. Her face was white. After the hospital for months, today he could no longer recognize us! “Wati already this month, could not wake up,” her mother said, wiping her tears. But we berbelalak, when just ibunyaselesai talking, trying to wake up slowly Wati. We pseudo stunned when he stood up and walked across the us and say with sura barely audible, “I want Dhuha ablution and prayer.”

In unison we all scramble led to the bathroom. After that his mother put it mukena and gloves. While his father put him back in bed because he was too weak to pray while standing.

Silence. Nobody voiced when he was praying Dhuha. Finished the prayer, when his mother would open the mukena, he forbade the fine. Then for a long time watched the face of the mother, father and younger siblings one by one in turn. From the mouth of God continually sounded asthma. We are witness would no longer hold back the tears.

Wati suddenly smiled. He looked at us, his friends, with great affection. Then again see the face of a father, mother and younger siblings take turns. Now I see clear Bulian dripping from the corner of his eye. Then the difficulty he raised his hands and mendekapkannya in the chest. With a smile he closed his eyes as he spoke two sentences creed very smoothly.

Innalillaahi wa inna ilaihi rooji’uun. He has gone for good. How I watched all the flying. My chest was pounding, my knees trembled. Subhanallah, he has returned with a very perfect in the new age of 18 years. Suddenly, between illusion and reality, I smell the fragrances. My body shuddered. I was sobbing


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