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Eye pen is often sharper than the sword …..

Eye pen is often sharper than the sword …..

If we every day see the news on TV, radio or read newspapers. Have been betik thoughts into our minds, what if there are our brothers fellow Mus lim who is struggling to maintain his country, for example in Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia, Chehnya, Philippines, or anywhere else. Then all the news speaks of the fighters are our brother’s with a ‘frill’: militant, fundamental, hard-liners that even intensively lately di’populerkan ‘is the term terrorist?. Suppose that ‘diobok-obok’ it is our country, then we are defending our country desperately. Suddenly all the TV, radio broadcasts and newspapers, that ki ta which is struggling it was reported as fundamentalists, mi difficulties, hardliners and terrorists. Of course we are outraged. Could be our zeal in the fight so many times because it was mixed with anger.

Now the question is, why do TV, radio and newspapers we preach it like that?. This is one weakness of our media companies, almost all news, foreign news that is related to an incident-scene in Muslim countries, all the media news we usually just buy da ri foreign media companies, such as: CNN , BBC, AFP, Washington Post, AP, Reuter, etc.. Then, by our media translated into Indonesian and then published. The next day, we all as readers who just ‘know ja in’, just taking the words ‘militant-fundamental and hard-line terrorists’. Whereas all foreign media companies mentioned above, can dipas sure does not belong to the Muslim people, including journalists / reporters who wrote the news at the scene. It makes sense if they like to call the brothers ki ta with such terms. Which is unfortunate, many readers are still our brother, fellow Muslims was simply swallowed all of the term. So the others (countries) Muslims were suspicious and wary.

Fikri Ghazwul …….

Nuance other news will we find when we read the magazines of Islam such as: Sabili, Hidayatullah, Hidayah, Tarbawi, etc.. These magazines are quite selective and smart. They are looking for news from Islamic sources, from his offices of foreign news in an Islamic country. So that appears is the term-is tilah appropriate and feasible, such as: Warrior, Mujahid, Martyrs, Heroes, etc.. Tone of the news was not impressed ‘oblique’. This case was seen also on the web site / Islamic sites on the Internet. In the same case, but it appears the content real difference story.

My friend, though (still) on a small scale, let’s try ‘guerrilla’ in order to improve the image of Islam damaged by the foreign media at the top. We try to always read and write from Islamic sources. If it’s cute let’s convey with a sweet, otherwise if there is bitter, so we like to be displayed with the bitter as well. “Say that is true, even though their bitter”, thus the message Prophet.


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