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Thinking about and disaster EXAM

How long have you lived in my beloved country Indonesia? How Long You feel pleasure to live with Peace, Honor without incident in this country? You start thinking it’s time for a moment …
Surprisingly well. Why do natural disasters often happen in our country? While neighboring countries are not. Though the neighboring country was almost the same with us. The nature is the same. The people are also more or less the same.
Well, it helps us remember the first story of the Kaaba. Actually, the Kaaba is one of the symbols of religion. Once this religious symbol had to be destroyed by the infidel. So, what happened? Almighty prevented by lowering the bird Ababil and hot mud.
In my opinion, lately we often ignore religious values. So he lowered the heat and mud Ababil birds to us. Today, the bird-shaped bird flu. Shaped mud mud flow. It also includes other disasters such as swine flu and earthquakes that occurred recently.
Well, time for us to improve themselves. Of course, as we multiply and hasten charity. The Prophet said, “immediately the charity, for charity precedes NEVER disaster.” It seems, as powerful as any mountain, any good as iron, as good as any fire, as good as any water, as good as any wind, it was a sincere charity far greater than all that. Such an explanation from him.
And lastly, remember, every morning there are two angels that cried. One shouted, “God, grant compensation to people who spend their wealth in Allah’s way.” The other one shouted, “Musnahkanlah people who hold their wealth.”
While age is still given the chance, let’s dole and get lots of people to give alms lot. Minimum 10% of gross revenue. And may we all avoid a disaster.


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