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“Messenger of Allah. He said: Allah said: I am in accordance with the presupposition my servant against me and I am always with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in himself, then I too will remember it in my self. If he remembers Me in a human worshipers, then I too will remember it as a set of creatures that are better than them. When he approached me a neck, then I will approach a cubit. When he approached Me a cubit, then I will approach sedepa. And when he comes to Me walking, then I will come to him with a run. ”
It is beautiful hadith!
This hadeeth was open our hearts sometimes feels distant to him. Maybe because we’re wallowing in sin, lazy or feel that no power because we are so busy with everyday life to pursue a career, examinations or money. We forget that the heart feels barren, no longer desire to approach him.
Speech Prophet shows how beautiful this life. There are no words too late in realizing the beauty in approaching God SWT.Allah it close, in surah Al Baqarah. : 186
And when My servants ask thee concerning Me, then (answer): behold, I was close. I granted the request of people who pray when she pleaded to me, then let them meet (all orders) and I let them believe in Me, so they are always in the truth.
God is closer than the neck muscles as in the Letter Qaf: 16
And verily We have created man and know what prompted by his heart, and We are nearer to him than his neck vein
If we feel distant from lack of knowledge, a lot of mistakes, being angry, upset, burdened with various problems of living, a rustling near his heart will be rewarded with a faster approach to the Divine Rabbi.
This is an axiom in life that can not be obtained from humans.
Exalted substance will run to us whenever we walked toward him. One small step for sure but the Merciful will be loving servants will be rewarded with a self-doubled ganda.Meski being lazy even when there is breeze, speech and even our attitudes, then immediately God will embrace us in His Love.


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