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Latitude names would be familiar in our daily life, for those who never read books or seen the movie “rainbow warriors” would be easy to personify a latitude that, he was a child who lives alone, since the small abandoned forever by his beloved mother, with her mother’s absence he must take care of younger siblings who are still young, and also took care of family needs, even he must help his family to earn a living. Amid all the limitations that he did not give up hope. He was a persistent child, tenacious, never gave up. By perseverance he was able to carve out a brilliant performance on the bench Schools Association, the keberadannya has made fragrant the school name.
Moments later sekolahpun be mourned when children must say goodbye to the diamonds not in school. Who would have thought that smart kids have to drop out of school before the finish elementary school, when his father had to go after the mother-to-nature berzah. Now there lived with her sisters latitude without the presence of a father figure without the outpouring of affection is also the mother figure, he should think himself to establish his family life. With the departure of his father suffering a presumably complete latitude in the fight against life. These conditions forced the latitude to drop out of school.
The question, What if we are to latitude? What will we do next? Where we take refuge? To whom shall we cry? Presumably none of the humans who chose this life, but what may be made when God has decided so, Lintangpun not so demands, and we even all of them. But behind all that God definitely has a purpose for humans. We live to take lessons or lessons in life that is more wise and prudent.
Latitude story was just one of many millions who senasip with latitude, which should drop out of school for the sake of carrying out its duties as head of the family of his brothers, who do not know what to Where is the fate of their future, not knowing where to call the father, where to get the caress of love Dear Mother, from where should get a bite of rice to sustain its life?. Children who are represented include the child’s latitude of this Nation, which actually has a lot of potential in him, also has a passion for studying the possibility of Habibie as well as a new candidate in the future, but karana conditions that do not allow for the study, there was it as ‘early unemployment’. Same time become complementary and falsifies the problems this nation.
We need to open the blinds our house, opened the car window for a moment see the natural surroundings, view of social reality, is not there a lot of waiting for our help?. Blind early in the morning we saw small children makeshift school uniform, wrinkled, and worn, weeping and waiting for breakfast next morning, waiting for his pocket money, on things merakapun not know if there will be breakfast for the day. While our sons and daughters ready to go to school, with some pocket money, with which mendereng pakain, with Anika equipment for the school.
Of course we need to sharpen the sensitivity of the liver in order to hear the moans feeling of latitude, which every now miss the smile of love, friendship greeting. Maybe it was not until terbisik groaning through her spoken, but can we understand from the expectant gaze of that.
A glazed look in his eyes, always call the hearts of philanthropists to simply greet with affection the call, or just share your beautiful story. they need a touch of affection, their thirst for spiritual touch, also missed the presence of the presence of a father figure who can represent the mother figure, although only just able to listen to complaints kesahnya.
Because that’s multiple needs, the Prophet gave a respectable position for anyone who would sympathize or care of orphans, which is parallel to the Prophet’s position in Heaven one day like a middle finger with your index finger. As in his saying, which means “I was with people who care / sympathize orphans are in heaven are like this (he gave a gesture with two fingers is like a middle finger and index finger)”
Not only will award the Hereafter, but so also in the world, that is for anyone whose heart is stricken by kegundahan, or for those who missed the tranquility of his soul, Go to the Orphan children, although only just rubbed his head. With a simple analogy, if only by rubbing the head alone was able to melt the heart of violence, let alone be able to share the other would certainly get more than that.
Presumably enough satire of the Koran tells us, in a letter of al-Maa’un 1-7, which means Do you know (people) who reject religion? So those are the people who rebuked the orphan and does not encourage the feeding of the poor, then woe to those who pray, those who are heedless of the prayers, and those who pray with riya ‘and are reluctant (to give) assistance
Teasing this letter also makes clear that as concrete evidence of the appreciation of a person not merely to how much time the pilgrimage, or how much do fast? all were seen as people who lie in religion, or keberagamaannya limited merely pretending to care when no other fate, the fate of orphans and the poor. Yet it does not mean ignore the rituals of worship that is required, but this only reinforces the need to have balance in life in order not to get stuck to the term ‘personal salih’ but not ‘social salih’.
As one illustration, Fariduddin Al-Attar gave a note in the legacy Aualiya ‘writing, that Abdullah bin Mubarok, a Sufi, in his sleep dreaming heard two angels in dialogue about the pilgrims who had just perform the pilgrimage in the holy land. Abdullah surprised, he woke up from sleep with trembling among the 600,000 people who worship none pilgrimage accepted by Allah, in the case of Abdullah is one of the pilgrims. Yet according to Angel, there was a cobbler in Damascus who lived at home but received hadj. Abdullah was curious, then he quietly investigating to Damascus, the cobbler turned out to Ali bin Muwffak, but ordinary people have thirty years of saving for the pilgrimage, when arriving at the pilgrimage, he found a neighbor who seems to live nelongso, apparently living a very concern, they have three did not enter the food. Ali was shocked then submit the collected savings of thirty years for a pilgrimage to the family.
Sensitivity to social conditions is part of the fruit the way the diversity of people. It has become common understanding that Islam is not just focusing only on the dimension of worship (Hablum Minallah) but also had to touch the dimensional mu’amalah (Hablum minannas), thus the diversity we are not justified when the only priority to waive the one-dimensional with the other dimensions. One of the functions of religion is lowered for the benefit of man, while religion is only understood as such on the dimensions of the religious worship will feel dry and empty may also lose its relevance.
The question raised is worth islamkah us if in our daily lives diligent prayer, fasting, while letting the neighbors can not sleep because of hunger, and the rain? Islamkah us if in our economy background reap great results because we are oppressed smaller? Islamkah us when we’re on pilgrimage and even many times while we shut our eyes to the neighbor children who drop out of school because of cost constraints?. We need to recognize that very often we overlook the essential religious duties at the same time it rejects the measuring.



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